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Digital Disaster

by Disaster Girl

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In the process of cleansing a new fate had struck Orbiting around the brain and bringing light It pierced our auras, culling fear The pendulum struck through the new city This chapter is mine so I jumped on Catching a ride into oblivion I saw the abyss rise Every swaying motion I rose above it The earth became realer then ever An awareness that plays by no rules Stepping stones laid my path with answers hidden in the deep electrical currents A climatic clustered seizure hit the masses Nearing ends, frozen dust Cyclical realisations of aftermaths Regenerate is what we must
If shes so pretty where are her scars? Deep cuts of sensation into a fragile human heart We cannot expect more than nature permits Expectations hold society in constant grips The flavors of our walls spit and blood of power We have begun the destruction of your flawless towers I've seen everything on offer in this big world so small The only answer is something new that is true for all Forget it she's ugly Protection Loves in bankruptcy Resolve this opportunity So when her scars need healing we'll come to the rescue Fortune brings not might special services to you He'll fist up his hand expect a direct hit This revolutions non-physical it's coming to grips With your internal deafness your eternal thrones Radiated currency melting your bones Degenerated ideals replaced with a starry sky Never fall to your knees continue to question why
Not behind our time Not ahead ahead of our time But this time With everyone and everything as one in this time Without time No time No behind No ahead Just all time with all things all in time The falling of time will emerge a new era Keeping us together for eternity No start No finish No early No late No birth No death Et cetera
Love lovely, lovely love In my humble, humble pod Ripped to ships in a war Then forced unto the shore Love, love, love, love, love, love, lovely love In my humble, humble pod Ripped to ships in a war Then forced unto the shore 'Cus it's the sounds I wish That help much of this With my eyes in sore I feel the world more It's the sounds I wish That help much of this With my eyes in sore I feel the world more! Love lovely, lovely love In my humble, humble pod Ripped to ships in a war Then forced unto the shore
All the world’s in your hands Blissful courageous Children that climb Mount Everest We cringe in the darkness The tallowy tempest All the world Heavy and rough Everything electrical, wired and bought To my lust Bruised brain and cognitive thought Hypersensitive fires Those stay alight Even if we blow all night Humans are wolves Destroy the seas Destroy your family Destroy yourself Send a nuke to mentality Make sure it blows up everything Scrape the plate Of the corrupt marrow taste You don’t need any more Content is in the torment
We're such interesting creatures With beautiful features Making love in the moonlight For more than just what's right But you see that we're failing Shit's constantly hailing Has it always been so wrong? 'Cus you KILL KILL KILL YOUR BROTHER SPIT ON RAPE AND TORTURE ONE ANOTHER HATE HAS OVERCOME YOUR LOVER DON'T BE FOOLED BY YOUR LEADERS OFFERS The magic of biology Cells combined creating everything Mystics in our math and science Plants and animals always beside us Though we crunch and we crumble Fuck everything that's humble Can it still be undone?
Waiting for the explosion A commotion full of convulsions And a cirque du da, music all round A small town into a city up side down Inside it's all ticking Full of sparkling and flickering It's only a matter of time Before the greatest orgasm comes by And when she comes 'a' thriving Thousands of people sway It's of lasting ways All so fresh and intense But then all is wiped in the end And BANG we'll join that countdown Jumping up and down with pulsing sound And explosion of 10000 encephalon's All setting free Then left to rot in humidity For only a few days makes this all right Yet I'm still taken into that night With a pleasant scent, ruby ferment, coming from every vent It's a bliss-sided – fantasi-zed State of temporary perfection Spreading the shrapnel in every direction A clish clash of separated trash Aelting away, in the abscess of content


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Emerging from the weight of a collapsing industrial civilisation, Disaster Girl is an audio-visual concept illustrating an uninhibited vision with poetry, multi-genred music, and visualizations.


released December 21, 2012

Kimberley Bianca is DISASTER GIRL - Concept, Text, Vox, Composition, Artwork, Videos
Cly/Suva - Electronic Music Production, Master Madness
Metaphorm - Electronic Music Production




Disaster Girl Australia

Kimberley performs poetry, directs community collaborations combined with networked technologies, engages in international residencies and internships, makes audio-visual works, documents underground art activity and contributes live visuals for events.
Working in a technocultural context allows for ways to discern interconnections of social activity and the ecosystem.
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